Gladelig Sjunge Vi (We Sing with Joy)

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Christmas Music for Soprano, Baritone, Base, Mixed Choir and Chamber Orchestra, by Gunnar Hahn, 1959


The sheet music for "Gladelig sjunge vi" (We Sing with Joy)
can be obtained through Gehrmans Musikförlag.

1. GLADELIG SJUNGE VI (We Sing with Joy). This introductory piece is an old school song based on Piæ Cantiones nr 9 (1582) with Swedish text after L. Jonæ (1619).

2. MARIA OCH JOSEF SÖKER HÄRBÄRGE (Mary and Joseph Seek Shelter). Movement for orchestra of Åhl´s collection tune from the Leksand parish in Dalarna, as written down by Gunnar Hahn.

3. JUNGFRU MARIA TILL BETLEHEM GICK (Virgin Mary Went to Bethlehem). The birth of Jesus. Spiritual ballad from Skultuna factory.

4. O, VAD GLÄDJE IFRÅN GUD (Oh, Such Joy from the Lord). Joyful hymn of the Birth of the Savior. Piæ Cantiones.

5. VALLAREPOLSKAN (The Shepherding Polska). The shepherds in the field. Originally a polska after Spel Gulle; as written down after Gullik Falk in "Swedish Tunes", Medelpad nr. 46.

6. ÄNGLARNAS BUDSKAP TILL HERDARNA (Glad Tidings from Angels to the Shepherds). Piæ Cantiones nr 1. "God Sent His Angel", a translation by L. Jonæ (1619).

7. VAGGVISA TILL JESUSBARNET (Lullaby for the Christ Child). "Joseph, My Dear Joseph" - a version of the hymn "Resonet in laudibus", known since the 16th century.

8. HYLLNING TILL DEN NYFÖDDE FRÄLSAREN (Homage to the Newborn Savior). "Welcome, oh Jesus" - after en affable Christmas Song from Månsta, Älvdalen, as written down by Carl Gustaf Färje (1949).

9. SANKT STAFFAN (Christmas Day in the Morning). Herod the Great and the miracle with the rooster. A version of "Staffan´s Song" from Skåne. It describes the legend of how Saint Staffan informed king Herod that Christ was born - a child who "is superior to us". The king answered that this would be as impossible as if the fried rooster on his table should start to crow. At that moment, the rooster raised his wings and cried: "Christus natus est!" - "The Christ Child is born!"

10. IN DULCI JUBILO (Good Christian Men, Rejoice). The choir of mankind rejoices. Spiritual ballad from the 14th century.

11. POLSKA FRÅN HÄLSINGLAND (Polska from Hälsingland). The yearly recurring Christmas Spirit of Joy. Polska after Blind-Pelle.

12. DEN SIGNADE DAG (The Blessed Day). The daily gratitude for the mercy of God. Chorale from Mora, Dalarna.

13. FINAL: GUDS SON ÄR FÖDD (Final Movement: God's Son Is Born). Based on a broadside ballad from 1797; the melody is most likely older, yet. This ballad is featured in the Christmas play "The Star of Epiphany", as described in Svenska fornsånger (Swedish Prehistoric Songs) (1842) by Arwidsson.